The Time Block Solution


We have it.

We waste it.

We give it away.

And, we always need more.

We often say to ourselves, “There isn’t enough time in my day”. But let's take a step back. How much time do we waste every day?

>> Oftentimes we waste more time trying to figure out what to work on rather than just getting down to the nitty gritty. 

Imagine a world where you sit down at your computer in the morning and know exactly what you're working on first, second, last. 

Imagine always feeling like you've accomplished something in your day because no matter the distractions, your most important tasks were DONE!

Sound like a fantasy rather than reality? 

You are not alone.

We hop from task to task searching for what feels good or right. And let’s face it, it is far easier to show up for others, even our kids or our family, than to do something for ourselves!

Note: Saying yes to others can sometimes mean saying no to yourself.

Taking on all of the extras is one way we avoid the things we really want to be doing for ourselves and our businesses. 

This course is was created so that you can take back your time and eliminate the overwhelm.

Join me inside and let's make it happen!

We will start by taking an inventory of where you spend your time right now. This may be a bit uncomfortable, but we can't fix the issue of your time without understanding where it is going now!

Then we'll dive into your ideal day. Do you even know what you wish your days looked like? Or do you have a certain feeling you wish you had at the end of each day? This part is so important because it doesn't matter how efficient we make your days if you don't understand what you want to do with them!

Next, it's time to find out what your true capacity is! I have several clients who've recently asked me the question, how do I know what I CAN do. This is the module where we get down and dirty with your capacity!

Last we figure out your daily tasks and learn how you can use the incomparable Google to plan your days and weeks for freedom!

Hit that buy button and let's get started!

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